Moving ahead on the house project

   That moment when the plumbers leave only expected back to explain things to my husband. The house sounds silent. The dogs are falling into a deep sleep. My exhaustion has gotten a burst of energy to get through the morning. The dogs didn’t sleep well last night. They are off their usual routine whenever there are workers in the house. The sounds and smells are different. Their nervousness leads them to be restless at night. That means my sleep is also affected. SO when I got up at 6 this morning, I got dressed and laid back down, not knowing whether the plumbers were coming back today. They were going to come back yesterday but hadn’t. no calls. I wasn’t certain what happened but figured there was an emergency of some sort. This bathroom project wasn’t affecting my life, as there is the downstairs bathroom. It’s just that I think they are happy to be done with another job…and out of my crazy house of dogs.

   Now for distractions…ate the apple from the counter- didn’t want to leave it until those little fruit flies move into our home. Finished the end of the pretzel chips because I wanted the salt at the end of the box. Hey! At least I didn’t lick the salt off of the pretzel chips and put them back inside the box. (Had known someone once who did that with pretzels. Not a welcome surprise to be the next person with her in the bag. But gave me a comparison that helps me fight off the guilt from scavenging the bottom of the bags for salt. lol Dysfunctional much? Nah no more than usual.

What is it about doing things clearly over one’s head, long past one’s strength that is so satisfying? Could it be because of the mental stimulation and pride in figuring an easier way to make it possible for you to do it? COuld it be as simple as not feeling useless and having one foot out of life? Could it be the burst of endorphins? COuld it bee the tautness of the muscles having overdone and now trying to go into recovery mode? I am uncertain. Maybe it’s a combination of it all. Having done that today, I am still on the upside of this. A little later there is going to be the host of anguishing pain to go through me. It’s inevitable…the price of over doing something. Why must it begin with leg cramps and cramps  in the rhombus muscles…the wings behind the shoulder blades. This is clearly a weak spot for me as this is so easily triggered. And here it comes. Oh well, time to move about a little, hoping to ease the pain.

This of course reminds me of my remedy for worry and for pain. Get up and get a move on. Also do something for someone else- human or animal. It takes your mind off of yourself and takes it into being productive and useful. That kind of generosity gives back to you as much as you give of yourself.


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