Didn’t know i was planting

Looking from where I am now to that date when I could wait no longer when I was finally knew that whatever this was had become larger than I could ever have imagined.My elders taught me alot. I think what I missed recognizing or fully processing was how life sneaks up on you.Or could it be time using its influence tricking its travelers into complacency until one day their eyes open? It truly does not seem possible that I have come to this point in my life. My youth in all its reckless abandon and vulnerability still breathe within me yet all is changed. I am changed. I could mourn the passing of hours of love and laughter, of curiosity, The   truth is what a harsh reality presents itself as old friends pass, and children grou up  along with their innocence they pass surge ahead into their adulthood. It is their steeds they now mount  and off they go on their own journeys with their own intellects, their own hopes and dreams, the own skills and abilities, their own passions. There is little to be done for them or about them They will walk their paths with the energy belonging only to the young. They will look at us and see old people, Some will watch in wonder of lives so ancient and all that these eyes and wrinkles so telling of that many footsteps. They will take up the errors of their parents and make the best of a broken world. They will hug on in the love of all about them. SO much will get put off into tomorrow into the embrace of “when we get time” until one day time arrives with no subtlty  at all. It blasts through doors , through crowded spaces and in solitude, and through dreams themselves One day they too will look out of a window and see their children no longer there. They will replay and rethink a million decisions made meant for the best of their young. When one will burst into the silence for their moment. They will tell their parents of something that was said or done and at your surprize there will be a confession it was learned at your knee wihtout you even have known such a thing occurred.  On God’s good graces this world turns with no help from us, not qany of us, not one generation. God’s good graces thankfully have ;asted a very long time and if prayers count for anything will continue long enough for man to replace his selfishness with wisdom… perhaps the wisdom learned from unknowing parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents… the whole village.                                       ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     hundred of




The ole time movies

   With the anniversary of D-Day there were documentaries abundant this weekend. Along which there were any number of fabulous old movies (from 1930s- 1940s). One in particular both surprised and delighted me. “Whistlin in the Dark” was filled with wonderful witticisms. Red Skelton graced the screen as only he could. WHat was fine was how they were delivered/ The timing was  spot on, missing not a beat. The overdone dramatics in today’s movies where the awkward pauses flow- as if the audience needs that time to process the words is a travesty compared to the artistry of the delivered words. in the past. These actors and actresses in this movie were their roles. Romance was romance…it wasn’t the overt sexual exploits of today’s movies. you felt the passion, not just lust. Movies in that time frame had more to do with honor and courage. SO many of those today scream of violence and in a matter that flatters the characters who are getting away with some crime.

People say it’s a time of innocence and simpler things. They were simpler perhaps because it was a society not romanced by the thought that wrong doing can be good in some manner. They kept guard of their hearts and their beliefs. Wives and husbands did for each other out of the feeling of love and devotion. Okay they weren’t all as such… there was Don Juan (1948). The directing and acting in these movies understood the beauty in subtlety, the passion in the good graces in the playfulness of flirtation, in the heat of a kiss or a hug. The volumes spoken in the wink of an eye.

   I tire beyond strength. Is it the body that is failing or the sky which can’t clear the clouds all day long? Either way rest will not be denied.



Spring or summer

   Seems more than the weather is unsure of whether it is spring or summer. The weatherman seems uncertain. The stores have declared it to be summer. The daytime temps are summertime. The fans are blowing on high. Tonight the temperature will drop down aa will the fans. The petals on the dogwood are releasing and falling to the ground. This is their declaration of summer’s advance.

WHat comes with the transition into summer are thunderstorms. Yes, they DO seem to be worse than they used to be- although I think that must be what people say who had not experienced damage in person or property.

   You know I have often heard of the phrase “dog tired” and believe me, greyhounds epitomize this. They have retirement down. Oh sure, they get playful and they’re fun, wonderful companions. Just as every dog each has their own personality. Greyhounds do share the dislike of thunder…well for some of mine it is more of a terror. The thunder coats have been helpful-however the heat they trap in during the summer months are not an advantage. Today will be a day for them….probably along with a dose of Benadryl for two of the four.

   This is a good day for an old movie. Lydia and all of the mystique and drama is a possibility. “Bringing Up Baby” would be fun but it isn’t on today. Well will have to root around for a 1940s movie I think. Always like Judy Garland movies…maybe a musical…indeed.

   It’s funny how with the seasons of life we so often come full circle to love most what we loved first.