Happening to me?

There are a number of times I remember thinking or saying that.   I remember thinking I had just thought it out loud, so to speak. Sometime it was said in celebratory disbelief at the accomplishment . Other times it was crack in time  and not the best champions coming forward. Pretty forward and that much harder to ci== Do doctors even read these at the tablef Takle  Iotn      tAD     AH THAT’S IT. oNE TOO MANY BOTT  UGH!!! idk HOW THIS HAPPENS. aNY OLD KEYS TYPING IN. cAPS LOCK OFF THEN ON. sTRANGE SOUND.GOODNESS why does it have to be like this? It’s okay- I get it, life is hard. It is supposed to be. And I like a challenge. But this marathon just doesn’t end. No really, it goes on and on. There are the physical incoordinations, stumblings and falls, the  cost of doing various things that felt so good during them but after sitting down that huge cloud  usually just saved for my vision- literally.boring, jjjjjjj  Just like that- a lost random thing somesou set lose in my mind lets it flow right out of my hands andbefore I know it there are letters that don’t make words- just assorted  letters typed out next to each other posing as a word. ugh. The thought in my head never having made it out for whater new word applies. I get lost in what I want to say- whether writing or speaking. That is infuriating. Happens when I speak too. I’ll be having a conversation and a string of disconnected words or phrases hop out of my mouth before I can edit them out. And they aren’t even related to the topic- not remotely.. This is very embarassing and impossible to cover up. Then people are looking at me as I must have lost my mind.They may not be far off on that one.



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