Not again. not already. Dear God not now.

There are alot of things that these words are really appropriate for in my life. I think of things like these, it isn’t that I wonder whether I would be  judged or how I’d fare such a thing. No my thoughts go instead to do other people and whether they might ever breathe a sigh of relief to know that one other person in this universe is actually saying these thoughts…thoughts we just don’t talk about. Okay some do and many take action on it. Sometimes I have and others I side stepped it. We can pick apart the hows and whys of it- but in the way we see what we have lived or has seen other proof  we use to determine our footsteps . We can keep targets for what we want to expect But to some extent nature gets involved. Nature who will be a slave to no one- but is a willing educator to those wise enough to pay attention.

SO let’s move on into some actual incidents, actual occurances and examples. Bear in mind I am not a doctor. I was once many years ago in what feels like a far. Let’s start with something fairly easy . Who hasn’t heard this phrase after hearing someone’s misfortune or catistrophic even only to have someone comment, ” Oh could it have happened at a worse time? Now in a less reserved time , I’d have felt obligated  to explain that there was no better time actually . Now that my filter has all but completely left, it’s a very scary thing to say in front of me. Thankfully I have been more inclined of course to just not communicate, to shut it down and not verbally respond at all. That way I don’t hurt someone in being too blunt.  We tend to forget how the we let our environment carry us among a system of advantage, making all that is shallow and trivial into a horrific event. We tend to forget that this beautiful life process is based on the balance of the cycle of life- which includes some very difficult (physically and emotionally). There are great heights and awful heart wrenching lows. There are times the we cry for others and times we cry for ourselves. And there are times we are reminded the conditions most of the people on our planet, facing a harder life than we can imagine. We haven’t known  the horrors of war at our doorstep, the sounds of war  throughout the night and day continuously. Now we’ve heard this before. But the next time your pets hide from the sounds from thunder or a truck backfiring, or vehicles slamming across potholes, think about their state as a militia approaches then street by street conflicts. It’s a terrifying prospect. SO when someone says what could be worse- there is plenty…take a pick. More to come. Meanwhile sound off  or defend even


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