The cost we’d never ask be paid

He carries her photo with him at all times- both in a wallet that no doubt has seen better days but also in his cell phone. Nearly every wall in the downstairs of our home holds more than one image of her beauty.
She was so photogenic- never a bad photo of her to be found. Her eyes held with in a beauty, a depth of wisdom. i used to think that the she held the secrets to life in those eyes. Years of knowledge
He had developed a special bond with her right from the start. She had chosen him as much as he chose her on that chilly autumn day. She had made the trip with a dozen or so other greyhounds in open crate-like cages from Carolina. Autumn’s chill had began and I couldn’t imagine what that had to be like with the wind blowing over their skinny bodies, no way to warm up or ward off the cold. Eventually Kenny was handed her leash while they all had walked around a bit. He had held the leash of others while those who came to adopt, chose their heart’s desire. But this moment belonged to them. It was as though all the sound in that back yard became muffled and less loud. It was so fast, unintentional for what I had taken it for in the moment. But in the quiet fresh farm air. As Wisper leaned into him- I’d later learn this was one of the things Greyhounds do- thought to be a show of affection. She looked up into his face with a whole life’s conversation. It really was magical and meaningful in ways that would she would take her entire lifetime to focus on unfolding. Her mission in her lifetime was to please Kenny. Her purpose was to love and be loved. Her soul was every bit as beautiful as her gorgeous brindle coat- which I dubbed bengal as in watching her flawless poetic movements, I could easily imagine her in her natural wild habitat,stalking from behind tall grasses. Of course the truth was that our cat, Misty who was also an adoptee ,would be the one to teach her to “mouse” in play. She also showed her how to fetch but never for long training periods..as no cat would care to devote such time showing she cared to some large somewhat unpredictable animal who seemed both terrified and yet drawn to her in all manner of curiosity.
Wisper came at a time of healing.He of course named her and chose the spelling after a time at the park. He denied anyone else’s input but he never got how it was written all over his face every time. Yes, this dog would have her hands full with the healing of these people and their hearts. All of these people in her new family thought that it was they who would love her out of the suffering she had endured. She was about to teach us more about greyhounds, people, family, life, and love than we could possibly have taught her. She had her work cut out for her. this was a family who knew about struggling, pain, loss, betrayal, heartache. This was a family still working through re-establishing trust. this was a family in separate homes- in more than the physical way.
Wisper’s patience with us all was a fine example of what could be possible with some understanding. As strange and foreign every single thing but her crate was to her, in so many ways she assimilated into the family probably more smoothly than any of the rest of us. This was the beginning of a journey that I’d never have missed for anything.


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