As softly the snow falls

In the dark of evening the snowfall continues, yet the elements are such that there is no real accumulation. What does that even mean I wonder? Well in this case it means that it falls enough to be decorative but not a growing amount.There’s a magic in its ambiance. It takes me back over years of memories. Of course these memories aren’t all as detailed as I might wish to recall. But memories are like little gifts at times. They can be little visits to a time and place with people held dear in your heart. I can watch as the original snowflakes make their way to the ground or I can close my eyes and allow myself to be taken on a journey once so alive and now a faded but treasured part of my memories. They don’t take me in any specific direction. At this point in time it’s more like watching a movie that I was in once. That may not be the healthiest of thoughts, I don’t know. But it’s brought me laughter. That’s more than important to me. It is essential to me. Humor is so concentric to my existence that I cannot imagine my life without recognizing and appreciating the ridiculous, the outrageous. There are so many curves being thrown from left field that sometimes the only way to get through to the next sunrise is to be able to find the irony, the funny, the joy and the hysterical. There is so much pulling my mind in so many directions that there HAS to be that place to sit by a stream and relish the moment of just being- no matter what is being along side or inside of me. Thank you joy- you clearly do make the difference.


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