Daily Prompt

In response to the daily prompt question of what was my longest stretch for posting. In truth I really can’t say. I imagine it may have been quite some time. I am thinking it may have been back in the summer.In my mind’s eyes it likely was not more than a week or two. I tend to dive in and ask how deep the water is after the fact. So with every compliant intention, I reassured myself that I would make the time to blog daily.There is going to be a revival in my thinking of blogging daily- either in support of the discipline in writing daily or a justification why it may work better for me to not do it that way. (Hmm…sounds like I may be giving myself a way out of failing at accomplishing that daily, doesn’t ir? Perhaps I will knuckle down and hold myself to doing that this very month then! After all, I was a registered nyrse for most of my life. I am not without discipline.

What it seems I am learning in this discussion is that the person who for some things is rigid with no give in the manner of doing something, may well hace swept into the room of winging it qquite a lot and became comfortable there. (The onslaught of chronic progressive neuro diseases have left me with some unfamiliar changes in the makings of myself. Let’s get this grand adventure under way.


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