These Dreams

   Now it hadn’t been so long ago that she felt like she had been living the dream, her dream. She wasn’t on easy street by any measure. So what was so right? She was loving her work. She felt the contribution she was making in her work and enjoyed the competency she had attained through her diligence in keeping up on topics in her area of study. She had been a nurse for so long that her experience held her in a trusted place with those around her. She could use her head, be flexible and creative, to improvise and work with what was at hand in those situations that called for it. Her personal life had always been a roller coaster- with her love life in the first car, her finances in the second one. Still her kids were alive and while having their health concerns, were by and large healthy and fairly well adjusted considering the numbers of adjustments they lived through with her. She felt that she should have done better by them. Looking back she felt she could have done better by all of them including herself. She always hated the expression of having no regrets. Was she such a loser? Or were people just so good at not owning their actions that they felt they’d not have changed a thing?

   Now with her health bouncing all over the place, she still dreamt of that life. She knew she wouldn’t be back in that career. She has a burning within to reinvent herself. But to start over with her hurdles is something she just isn’t certain which way to turn. She looks to her passions and finds herself to be a mosaic of loves. She loves animals and has rescued more dogs than most. She loves music, loved playing the guitar though now her hands, fingers rebel. Would love to provide avenues for kids to become involved in learning to play instruments…but need to be able to have funds to do such things. I’d love to learn a new instrument… a violin or viola, or piano,,,but I can’t afford any right now. 😦

   I’d love to have an animal rescue sanctuary… but here I am with limited resources and would need facility.

Are any of these doable. Maybe with some help. Now to access help with it all. A dear friend has helped me file  to begin a charity for greyhounds, still working on the 503 thing. Oh well. just trying to do the live out loud thing. Suggestions/ Comments?



One thought on “These Dreams

  1. I say go for it. You certainly don’t have to be an overnight success, but just inching your way with something new and fresh everyday can be so uplifting and soul quenching.
    My mom is a violin teacher and although she primarily teaches children, she’s had handfuls of folks who came to her in their 70s and 80s saying they’d always wanted to learn and could they maybe start slowly just for fun?
    Yes, I say if you’re going to eat an elephant, just take it one bite at a time.
    Good luck, Bettemae!

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