Those voices in your head

So today let’s talk about those voices in your head. Oh come one! We do all have them. They are the years of people in our lives trying to encourage us, guide us, lead us. Some were more critical. SOme were voices that mattered. SOme were voices that were never voices that ought to have been heard. SOme were undeserved. SOme needed to be heard- even though they weren’t welcome.
Thing is that I find it amazing how over a lifetime there are so many of those words crammed into our head. And I’d be willing to say for far too many people, it’s the negative voices that are held onto. You know… like when Aunt Betty mentioned like 30 years ago that I always did have a fat ass. That was just precious. lol No really I loved my aunt with all my heart. Initially I was crushed by this- but also a bit scared. Had my ass been huge and I didn’t see that as such- but everyone else did? Who knows what drives people to say the things they do? For me it’s not having a filter. For them it may be to make us see something in a different way. People aren’t always too gentle in doing so. So what impact do we allow them to have and how do we filter out what needs to stick? There are easy ways to filter the emotion out of everything we’ve heard but we can choose to filter out our emotions out of what we feel from what we hear. We can choose to hear things but to not attach an emotional response to them. We can ask what truths lie within their comments and what to do about that. We can reach into our souls for perspective. We can tuck the pride of being right and so grown up now and being able to remember what we choose to the side. We can be open to the emotions of others. And we can realize that being sanctimonious doesn’t leave room for love or growth. We can realize that we can be kind voices in another’s head or part of the poison they take in when they decide to feel sorry for themselves.


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