Behind the Sneeze

There she was in a picture posted on facebook, huddled in the bathroom. She had sick posture. She has sick face, sick eyes. My heart is broken. A sick dog does that to me. They’re so helpless- being unable to speak words to help us help them. They look SO sad when sick or hurt. And we know they feel SO awful. I mean anyone brought to the bathroom floor out of sickness knows how close to death they felt…and the worse part was knowing this would not end anytime soon. Geez the dogs don’t even know there will be an end to how they feel. They are so rarely sick- what would they know of getting better? Today Chloe stopped eating but seemed more perky and nose was wet and cold today. Puma started sneezing this morning. It isn’t easy watching and waiting- waiting for improvement, waiting to see if anyone else is going to come down with it.
It’s that way with a lot in life. Hard thing it is to wait and see. Whether it’s watching how someone’s health is to progress or whether to see what develops in a relationship, or in a job, or in a vacation, it isn’t road. We tend to be more comfortable when we can be involved in influencing the outcome. It’s easier when we can do something that will make a difference. Equally it is so frustrating to stand by and be supportive but not be able to turn the tide on something one way or another. Sometimes though that’s exactly how things ought to be. it’s something that teaches us and nurtures us in knowing all of life is not under our control. It reminds us of our place in the universe. It reminds us of the bigger picture. In a sense it is the great equalizer, these times in life. It is what strengthens us and weakens us bringing us to our knees. It is life and this is experienced by all.


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