A good day for the blessings of the people in it.

What is this that you have brought for me to enjoy? How have you known that what I yearned for was this onetaste of desert to round off the feat of the evening consumed?

   It’s been a fun day. A visit from my brother, who is separated from me by too many miles and too many obligations at his work, came last night until noonish. We visit of the concerns of the day in the family, in the world. We speak of days long gone. We laugh. We sigh as only siblings who look at time, places, and people escaped from the present , can do together. We drank coffee and ate a breakfast of eggs and he also ate the crisp bacon just on this side of burned- but as always he is most gracious and kind in his appreciation. As the years pass I find myself thingking  about how dear this man is to me. I remind him that he always has a home here- whenever needed.

 My first born daughter came home last night as well. She has driven further yet than my brother. While their visits were not coo-ordinated and are of mere circumstance, I am jopyful they were able to visit a while. I am proud of my daughter. I am proud of the woman she is. I am proud of her steadfast plans and her commitments she has with her. Our conversation pass over the events past, present and future. I love her as

My youngest child, is my child who chose a nursing. She brought me a dress she bought for me to wear at a party on Monday- very sweet of her. She and her boyfriend brought it. We visited laughing lightly together.  Later they would stop again. They brought sundaes for us all. How very sweet that is. They are that kind. Being appreciative I merely sucked down  a portion of mine while pedaling on my cycle (stationary) as I had already begun exercising. They all found this was amusing.”You aren’t going to stop to eat it?” Now why would I? It wasn’t like I was powering on any time of speed in which to be proud.  Well of course I could do this.I could jump back into the mother  in me who years ago would do some such crazy thing/. This would be the time I enjoy it!! Still it was great fun to speak with them no matter how brief. We laughed and eventually I did stop myself at maybe a third of the way into the treat.

   Ah how is happiness measured?  I feel that stirring within me which tells me that it is there, has been there. it is not begging of circumstance to give it life. It is something within as a character the soul owns. There are people and events and circumstancdes, achievements which may it rise to the surface and gian in strength.  There are circumstances which tuck it under a grief, a sadness, an anger…but it still is there -even then. I am blessed. My soul will enjoy the well earned slumber at the end of this evening and the stars will wink at the moon, all knowing another day’s of living held its share of goodness, of pain, and mostly of living no matter how it is viewed.


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