Blueberry crumb cake or…ummm…really you just have to try it

   Now having not felt well enough to try to bake of late, I thought it would be nice to try to make a blueberry crumb cake or crunch cake or …well not remembering the name of it made looking for my recipe for it rather challenging. But at last I decided to settle on one which was not the original one I used to make as this recipe is from a cookbook I hadn’t had back when I used to make this treat. Now bear in mind that I can’t drive to the store and wouldn’t be able to walk there either. SO when I remembered I would need more blueberries and asked my husband to pick them up on his way to the hardware store, I was feeling fairly pleased with myself. This was rather short lived. After his return I figured I couldn’t procrastinate much longer, having washed the tile and laminate floors, done dishes. Yes it was time to dive in. And so I did. Not getting any further than reviewing the ingredients, I soon realize that I also don’t have the butter and have a very limited amount of sugar. I decide to forge on and make due with substitutions when need be. I start the oven on preheat, feeling rather confident. I begin measuring and placing the dry ingredients of flour and sugar together. All seems well…looks right to me. I add the butter flavored Crisco and some coconut oil and mix as instructed. This became a laborious task and I wonder why it seems so time consuming. Moving on I separate a little more than 1/4 of the mixture to set aside. I get the 2 eggs out and separate them. I plop in some of the other ingredients into the mix and return to my egg whites. Beat until stiff but not dry. Sounds simple enough. I’ve done this many times. I begin and realize there is egg white running from my bowl onto counter and down to the floor…yes the just washed floor. I wipe it up and continue. Now why that wasn’t enough of a heads up to me, I don’t know but apparently it took another time of seeing a bunch of egg white slop over the side of the bowl. Okay time for a new bowl. Looking at my remaining egg white, I realize there just has been too much egg white lost. So I get another one , another egg, separate it and put the white in with the rest as I look to put the yolk somewhere. This is when I notice the measuring cup I thought was 1/2 a cup was actually a cup…I can remember thinking I needed 4 of these- but couldn’t remember if I had done so. Hmmm. While thinking this over I pick up some of my counter clutter and realize the measuring spoon I thought was 1 tsp was 1/2 TBSP. Oh crap…I think this is not as it should be.SO I start scooping out some of the baking powder not yet mixed in.. After meticulously doing this , I realize that if I have put in double the flour then this would have been about the right amount of baking powder after all, so I dump it back in and add the egg yolk. Now I figure that all this being as such I needed to add another egg if the texture is to come out right. There is nothing to be done about the sugar as I have no more. I decide not to try to substitute anything for it and just go for it as it is. Now continuing on I add the normal amount of salt , deciding not to double as if I haven’t doubled the flour, this would take strange indeed. Finishing up, with lovely egg whites being folded in and poured into the greased and floured pan, blueberries piled on top. Of course I use more than called for because … well, they’re blueberries after all. I can’t see how I could go wrong doing that. Then sprinkled the top with the crumb mixture and into the oven it went!  It is after I check the progress about 50 minutes later that I realize I didn’t use any vanilla! I love vanilla in my baked things. There isn’t much I bake in the sweet department without using the vanilla. Well too late now. I thought of whipping up some vanilla merangue ? okay spelling is alien to me on that one. But I think better of it realizing there were just going to be a wealth of things in the realm of possibilities of things to go wrong- worse than already having been done. Of course I baked it longer and I couldn’t really go by the knife in the center test as the blueberry mixture and the crumb mixture on top kind of cloud that up, but I did it anyway and told myself this would be an indicator…but not trusting it, I left it in another 15 minutes because of the density. Long story short, it tasted pretty good. It had an interesting texture. My husband loved it.

   Now the funny part is that recently I had felt that I wanted to suggest to my husband about opening an on line bakery. As I think of this I laugh hard….the kind of laugh out loud that hurts my back and oddly makes me laugh harder – because what could be more ironic than laughter hurting? Then I think of how I would ever handle the quality control of making the same recipes each time. Obviously today’s adventure in cooking, in baking rather, would have made for a hysterical episode on a baking show. I would need to have some wine…I know better now why the galloping gourmet drank, and the lovely Miss Julia Childs. SUrely I now appreciate why she seemed so giddy to me at times. Imagine if she had to do her job using my mind. Good Lord! It’s funny how many places along the way this process took wrong turns and  uncertain ones. It seems a lot like life, you know? Well at least the way I went about living it. I took wrong turns and uncertain turns, and yet all in all my life ended up being rich and filled with love. Sure there was heartache and pain. But there has been such joy and so many blessings, so much love. It seems so unlikely that my life has been the wonderful piece of life it has been given how messed up parts of it has been. But even then , there were good things and blessings given to me in the midst of it.

   Now time to stretch out a bit as a slight tumble ( Slight being one I didn’t hit my head, didn’t bleed, and was able to get up- albeit slowly) has given me some really intense pains in my knees with just a lower level of pain in between.. They are sore. They are bruised and swollen. They hurt. I am certain – or I am telling myself- these knees aren’t seriously damaged- after all I can walk on them…slowly wobbly, but I can. All in all I get there one way or another. While the full moon is sure to keep me up some (It always does.) and the pain will probably take some figetting to get to sleep, I will awaken with the morning light. I will do my exercises and shower, and get into my braces (trunk and both knees)… and get to the business of living another day. Maybe bake a little too?


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