The ole time movies

   With the anniversary of D-Day there were documentaries abundant this weekend. Along which there were any number of fabulous old movies (from 1930s- 1940s). One in particular both surprised and delighted me. “Whistlin in the Dark” was filled with wonderful witticisms. Red Skelton graced the screen as only he could. WHat was fine was how they were delivered/ The timing was  spot on, missing not a beat. The overdone dramatics in today’s movies where the awkward pauses flow- as if the audience needs that time to process the words is a travesty compared to the artistry of the delivered words. in the past. These actors and actresses in this movie were their roles. Romance was romance…it wasn’t the overt sexual exploits of today’s movies. you felt the passion, not just lust. Movies in that time frame had more to do with honor and courage. SO many of those today scream of violence and in a matter that flatters the characters who are getting away with some crime.

People say it’s a time of innocence and simpler things. They were simpler perhaps because it was a society not romanced by the thought that wrong doing can be good in some manner. They kept guard of their hearts and their beliefs. Wives and husbands did for each other out of the feeling of love and devotion. Okay they weren’t all as such… there was Don Juan (1948). The directing and acting in these movies understood the beauty in subtlety, the passion in the good graces in the playfulness of flirtation, in the heat of a kiss or a hug. The volumes spoken in the wink of an eye.

   I tire beyond strength. Is it the body that is failing or the sky which can’t clear the clouds all day long? Either way rest will not be denied.



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