Spring or summer

   Seems more than the weather is unsure of whether it is spring or summer. The weatherman seems uncertain. The stores have declared it to be summer. The daytime temps are summertime. The fans are blowing on high. Tonight the temperature will drop down aa will the fans. The petals on the dogwood are releasing and falling to the ground. This is their declaration of summer’s advance.

WHat comes with the transition into summer are thunderstorms. Yes, they DO seem to be worse than they used to be- although I think that must be what people say who had not experienced damage in person or property.

   You know I have often heard of the phrase “dog tired” and believe me, greyhounds epitomize this. They have retirement down. Oh sure, they get playful and they’re fun, wonderful companions. Just as every dog each has their own personality. Greyhounds do share the dislike of thunder…well for some of mine it is more of a terror. The thunder coats have been helpful-however the heat they trap in during the summer months are not an advantage. Today will be a day for them….probably along with a dose of Benadryl for two of the four.

   This is a good day for an old movie. Lydia and all of the mystique and drama is a possibility. “Bringing Up Baby” would be fun but it isn’t on today. Well will have to root around for a 1940s movie I think. Always like Judy Garland movies…maybe a musical…indeed.

   It’s funny how with the seasons of life we so often come full circle to love most what we loved first.


2 thoughts on “Spring or summer

  1. Oh, you’ve just described one of the most wonderful parts of summer for me – the booming thunderstorms. Huddling together over an old movie sounds absolutely heavenly! And although I’m uncertain what a thunder coat is, my version would have to be an old quilt. Close?

    • kind of…thundercoats are snug fitting jackets , like the silks the greyhounds wore in races but different material and different design. Thank you for reading, I value your thoughts.

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