Wait the ceiling is actually 3 , what kind of nest, the tub what? ugh or Think hard before buying


      SO for past 3 days have posted on my blogs- lying- I tried to post and after carefully writing it (editing the many mistakes that occur when physically struggling as I am this week…and manged to just push something bump something right before hitting the button to publish, losing EVERYTHING I had done. Once this is frustrating. Twice it feels exasperating…three times however…feels like okay- really God …that bad? Are you sparing them or me? hahaha


NOw along with the physical challenges comes the unfortunate falls. Yesterday’s was a whopper- on hard tile floor with a head of speed (for my walking abilities). The cane proved an accessory that I need to learn to let go of on the way down as once it has failed to assist in keeping me upright, it definitely becomes a danger in the contact with the floor. SO stretched out with a spin to left side contacting harshly on left hip with arms stretched out. This exposed the ribs on that side to the floor , contact to knees- how both knees nailed down so hard is a mystery. The whiplash brings the dizziness and nausea so familiar now. And my hands (which I had banged in attempting to remove some wooden décor from my walls previous to this) found the slamming and trying to catching- feebly so to be extremely painful….from the elbows to finger tips and right across the  fine second degree burn on the left index finger from my having used oven night before last. Now you’d think that’s enough..residual headache and eyes definitely worsened with ALOT of pressure… but what is unbelievably painful is the pelvis… the bones and the organs held therein. SOrry if this is TMI.

SO with a load of things to relocate in my home as kitchen ceiling,posts, bulkheads to be removed today (due to a necessary demolition of this area-not a choice) this task was like an exercise in tolerance…pain tolerance, balance tolerance (yes even in wheelchair- vertigo cares not at all whether one is seated, stanging, reaching, beding),. Now being visually impaired adds to all of this- there just could not be enough light -until the blinding point of glare. Moving and thinking of the safety concerns for the greyhounds,as well as putting on thundercoats in anticipation of strangers,loud sounds, and great dust even with all the plastic and tarping. My living room now appears to be a  really cluttered campsite with what I hope covers the essentials in here.

Now let meenlighten you on the need for all of this. The mice who took shelter here have kept the dogs up and in loud guarding mode- odd for greyhounds. Yes two in particular are good at locating their presence in the ceiling. Of course mice like to move about at night- as did what ever the larger wildlife in there was. Now to freak me out in ways I just can’ty begin to explain… knowing a snake is up there is terrifying to me. Ys I heard all the “It’s probably a harmless garter snake who is more afraid of you.” But truily no- I AM without a doubt more afraid of him/her. It has shown itself to be hungry in what it did to a mouse (on aglue trap). I am horrified at such awful occurances in my ceiling.  I further find glue traps to be hideous and inhumane and am taking a stand against their use- especially in my home. I can think of few ways more horrific to die. Yes I realize the absurdmess of wanting to be rid of the food chain living up there and not wanting them to suffer or die because of it. I was a nurse. I am well aware of the health risks of living with these critters. I just want it over.

   Oh good gracious! Well construction guys were here. SIgh, SO in the first 2×3 feet section they found squirrel’s nest. Yay… ANd lo and behold 3 ceilings under the dropped ceiling- flimsy wooden slats every which way…ANd why they were there (besides being the residence of assorted wildlife. The castiron tub is sagged through the first level-. SO the clowns who worked on it put these flimsy ceilings to hide it and try to support it (which it didn’t) and a pole underneath in kitchen which was supporting…nothing obviously. SO pole can come out- yay- ceilings have to come down with the nests and whatever residents are up there… tub needs to be jacked up with the bathroom floor being redone. ..Yep…not feeling too well. Stunned.  Now I wonder how much of this the previous owner knew- or who lied to him or sold him a bill of goods on the re[pairing of it. Voices in head may commence the screaming as I peer up into hole left til tomorrow when proper material and big time project begins. Love these old houses- just wish previous owners and workmen knew what they were doing.

 Yes time for Doris Day and Clark Gable… and soon to be nap. But first must vacuum from wheelchair in kitchen- prepare for back strain. Got to smile- it’s all that left us.

Note to self…think before buying…home inspector had no way to stumble upon this… lovely. There are advantages to mobile,modular homes vs lovely old homes…and renting even!!



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