WIsh it was bats in the belfrey

AH, home ownership…not for the faint of heart in a home built in 1886 or thereabouts. What is better than hearing critters walk across your ceiling in the springtime? I remember a similar experience when I lived in a different home in the woods. I remember hearing the rolling of nuts down the rafters after dark and eventually even in daytime. I remember they were in the walls there. I remember hearing what seemed liked one became sounding like more than one. I don’t remember the resolution. We have an interesting situation as we live in a town fronted by a semi-busy road and backed by acres of woods. Add to that a river about 3 blocks from here- leaves a lot of possibilities.
Now interestingly enough, what do greyhounds do confronted with the sounds of these pests? Ours chose various modes of raising the bark and charge alarm. This involved mild Chewbacca type crying to loud sharp barking to rooing to fierce protective barking. Now my husband had to be up for 5 AM as he leaves for work early when possible to drive truck…the Big Rig type. Yes so initially we had not heard what the dogs were hearing and were flabbergasted at the every3 to 5 minute routine (not to mention the springboard affect of the bed bouncing as 3 of them lift off of the bed and one on the floor as they all bark and bang into one another (because initially only one seems to know what they’re barking at. The rest were just providing support.) Marvelous thing this pet mentality. Of course eventually my husband locates the cause of the commotion. WHile that made him feel better to know why they were so wound up, I had already given one of them Benadryl as she was actually trembling a bit. This leads me to suspect an oppatamapus- otherwise known as an opossum. ( I rarely get that name right unless it’s written in front of me. And I was a country small town girl.) Of course squirrels like to come in and have their young this time of year. Hurray!! SO if a squirrel there’s likely a nest in our home. WHile these make for marvelous children’s stories about sweet mammals and their families learning life lessons, it is most disturbing to hear the scratching. The walking is not something I am a fan of, but the scratching is eerie and highly annoying when trying to sleep. This is amplified by it apparently being highly annoying to 4 greyhounds. I find this amazing given the oldest dog loves to sleep with her head propped next to the speaker which Kenny leaves on the volume setting for people who need to feel the sound. Drives me crazy as I pointed out that her hearing need not have any help getting worse given she is more catlike in her behavior than canine to begin with.
SO I look it up on the internet and after reading all that is involved in trying to take care of this yourself, the last thing in most articles were to call a professional as it will likely cost as much if not more and may not be as good as what the pros will do. SO I let my husband know. Now Kenny is like so many men in that he likes to take care of what he can himself rather than pay someone. I have pointed out in the past how the cost of someone else doing it frees up his time and reduces the stress of repairs- not as much cussing or banged up fingers and no ideas for tearing out walls and remodel from the pros unless needed for whatever task. lol He would never see himself as Tim the Toolman Taylor from tv and he is usually very good at what he’s doing. It just is quicker and less of a project for someone else to take it on. However I have tried not to suggest this as it seems to hurt his feelings. Course how I suggest it may have something to do with it as my filter being gone has left me be a tad blunt from time to time. I called and let my husband know the general stuff I read on the internet. I even found the local recommended wildlife control specialist in the area. Now I wanted my husband to read what the I-net says on it as it would give him more information to decide whether to hire someone. Of course he wants to have the people come out and tell him what to do to handle it. This cracks me up inside to the point of nearly tears trying not to let him hear my response. That’s kind of like going to a surgeon and asking him to relay to you what you need to know to remove your own appendix. Okay maybe more like going to a hairdresser and asking her what hairdo you should have and how to do it. oy. Now he wanted me to calls and inquire this and also get a price of what it would cost- sight unseen mind you. I tell him the ballpark figure given in what I read which is a span of about $250 dollars to $500. Now to me, that’s probably as accurate as they would give having not seen the situation yet. After he repeats himself again, he finally says what he’s been avoiding…the he will call and take care of setting an appointment for when he is home tomorrow. Thank you God. Meanwhile whatever is in there has gone out for the day or is sleeping like my dogs this morning.
I think what lies ahead could be an experience I want my seatbelt on for so I think the wise thing to do is join the dogs if I can inch my way to a space on the bed. I have found the reasons why we have been told to let sleeping dogs lie. ( well I always heard , “Let sleeping dogs lay.” but I feel that may be poor English. ANyway. The birds are hollering as loudly as they can now. The sun is the brightest it’s been for about a week. This also should prove challenging and I may resort to just doing my exercises. Now that will likely add to my feeling the need to nap. It also should be about the time the dogs wake up to eat and play. Great day! I will make it so…thinking sunny thoughts…and smiling all the way.


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