Greyhound bath day


Yep it’s pretty much always done in one day. That way no one feels singled out…instead they all do. You can see it in their faces. After the first one comes out looking like, “Well THAT was not what I was expecting to happen.” the rest look around a tad confused …something’s happening here. WHat it is ain’t exactly clear.. lol After the second dog who takes the after bath so much more actively running around the house rolling on everything as she tries to rub her scent back on. Meanwhile the first one bathed rests on our pillows- on our bed. Now I did towel dry and used the hair drier (on low) but as with all dogs, there is always more wet spots once they are washed. Kenny decided to film the antics of the quest to smell like she did with the other dog which brings an immediate end to the silly antics. She is now sleeping on the couch or appearing to do so as her eyes are squeezed tightly shut.

Now the other two are not dumb. Well, they try. Katie has “hid” herself under the shelf in all of the maybe 6 or 8 inch clearance, feeling cleverly blending in (White dog with brown brindle patches) with the deep red rug and blue pillow nearby. Well she is in an awkward place to be brought out from… but the hidden part needs work.  The big black male (90 some pounds) first sought refuge in the crate in the bedroom- actually quite wise as getting a 90 lb anything through those doors that is resisting would not be easily done. Now however he figures he better just come out  and is lying on the huge pillow by Katie. He seems resigned that his turn will come eventually so he may as well man up.  This is a back breaking process for us so it’s break time. And it appears my huisband and I are trying to outlast the other on this break thing. lol

Saw one of my grandpuppies last night as my younger daughter stopped by with her for a few minutes. She had just been to the groomer- the dog). I point that out because some days that looks like a pretty relaxing thing to do.(lol) Imagine the groomers surprise if I showed up in her place!! Well Sadie Girl is the beautiful white dog pictured in my blog This Life’s Grace.. She is believed to be part shepherd part husky or malamute or some sort of cold weather dog with a shorter snout than a shepherd- thick double coat. Eyeliner eyes. Just gorgeous. She smelled so nice and after 20 minutes of brushing before and after bathing, she was not shedding. She had a pretty pink silk scarf on and gave me the best “Gramma, it’s you!!! I love you I miss you! You love me. You miss me.” I must lick you extensively.” And bundles herself to fit on my lap- well she thinks she’s fitting. After her and “her mom” lived here a year, I miss her terribly, my dogs do as well and she does when she visits- but loves to run in our yard which is bigger and fenced in. ANyway- I miss my daughter of course. Some great memories of our time together here.


3 thoughts on “Greyhound bath day

    • it is an experience-especially being limited in my physical abilities now. The looks they give eachother is funny as all get out. Looks of, “Just give in. You’re going anyway.” or ” Are you kidding me? That’s how you got all wet?” and the ever popular, “who the heck are you? You don’t smell like that. I don’t believe you. Hold still I am smelling.”

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