How many roads?

How many roads must a man walk down…? As many as it takes every single day.

When will they ever learn? As soon as any of us…as soon as they try to understand looking out the window and not in the mirror.

If you’re going to judge then have the consideration to at least look me in the eyes.

You look into the night sky wherever you are. I look at it from where I am. The sight may not be the same…but we are the same 2 small people looking up for whatever answer, and seeing the beauty of such vastness that beckons and bends not to ourdesires…maybe to our wonder.

Answers are rarely found at the end of one’s tail. They all lie within if you should look there.

DO not mistake my silence for agreement.

Let the blind see through the eyes of those who most hold the sensitivity describe. the visions before them


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