Daily Prompt: The Outsiders

Looking up at the night sky, I wondered who determined it was to be called a “supermoon” and just how did any mind spend enough time, have enough stillness in their mind to dive so deeply and totally to understand what is understood of the universe. Feeling minute with my unimportant problems that would change history in no way whatsoever.
Trying to discover my ancestry has made me feel like a speck in time in a place I suddenly knew nothing of. Look at all of these names, these lives…these people who loved and lived and laughed and cried…who lived and died. I should feel a part of it and yet it’s as though I am watching from the outside. What is it making me feel this way? I feel this way by route of choosing. But why?
I can’t find reason in what is such raw emotion. What is it we are a part of and how is it we fit in in? WHat are the differences made on this lump of dirt in the whole scheme? How could we ever even understand just what that means- the scheme of things. We only have a glimpse of so little of life- of life on this planet, of life in this time, of life at all. We at our most complex can not begin to grasp the realm of what our universe contains and what is beyond and how far…. It is an unending unanswered question that leaves the joke on us to imagine we could even understand the answer to a question we can’t fully grasp?


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