January is here s all her blustery glory. It’s below normal temperatures 7 degrees F with wind chill of -10 degrees. The dogs are all hunkered down comfortably curled by the coal stove. It’s reddish orange glow are mesmerizing somehow. With the power snow plow, my husband made quick work of the mess, though upon his return inside, the hints of perspiration dripping from his hairline, on his chest and in the small of his back told me that ease of the task still left a rather sizable task for a man his way.
The stark darkness outside leave the stars and the moon looking so very clear. The gentle wind runs her fingers through the light powder swirling dune like drifts on the landscape. I can’t imagine the animals living in the elements…the deer, squirrels, the wildlife. The male cardinal I heard earlier in the day has long since sought shelter. I feel for the homeless left outside to fend for themselves in the bitterness. Intentionally turned off the news on the television as it had nothing to share but pain, sorrow, embarassment, frustration and guilt while talking so lightly of the weather the newscaster scoops into her hand and tosses it into a playful flurry. It looks so harmless, seemed so harmless, yet I knew in states under its grasp before us, it had taken its tool. I wondered how many more would be added to that list. I thought of the beginning of their lives. I wondered the emotion felt by their mothers, the dreams and hopes held for these people.
I wondered about whose dad and moms they were, whose grandparents and whether they knew of their plight, whether they cared. Or had they been written off as unsalvageable, unredeemable, so mentally ill to be unreachable, just plain unwanted and hid away. It breaks my heart. I shudder to think of those who have nothing who will be trying tp protect other people, other animals with what little they have.
here I sit in this tiny town which is no stranger to poverty but has been cleansed of the obvious homeless. Perhaps they stay in the once flooded homes that would be a strain to call an abode of any kind- no heat, no windows….only police raids to take care of the attempts of the meth labs. All I asked for Christmas was the beginning of peace on this earth. I hoped that for one day and one night we could all find a way to care about each other, a way to recognize that we are all one together living on this one planet. We are a species witnessing the greatest number of lost species on this planet since the dinosaurs. That seems like something we might all give serious thought to. Perhaps what we need to work on is to stop this raping of the land and the mislead groups of mankind finding everyway to plunder this earth’s natural resource without question of what can be done for those in the future. There have to be significant strides taken by the common man because that is where it all begins. Perhaps it can begin with children-it often does. But we, the generation who swore to made a difference, this is our time to make it plausible to be done. We can do this we know the technology exists. We could say that the younger ones have more energy to do so then we do- but as I think back to flower power , a generation who convinced other generations that war was not the way to figure anything out,. We foresaw what the pressing population meant and what that meant to this planet. Sure we weren’t very responsible in many ways- but now is the time we hoped for and prayed would come. This is our time to grab a hold of how it’s always been done and say, No, it stops here. It stops now.”


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