But the moon is slowly risin’

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

The song actually goes something like this:

Well the sun is surely sinking down,

But the moon is slowly risin’

And this ole world must still be turnin’ round

And I still love you.



I sang this as my first husband played it on his guitar and sang. After reading with my kids, it became the accapello lullabye I sang to all 3 of my children as they came. The music was soft and soothing. The message was even more important to me. My first marriage was a short time together and I prayed these words helped ring through that no matter who he was with, he was loved, that love isn’t a take back. And I thinki he understood that even after yrs later I remarried. He knew I loved and respected his dad…that we had not solved our problems as we should have…no one’s fault. Many years later that marriage fell apart and in a couple of years the divorce followed. By this time my 2 daughters were born. My son and youngest daughter bought with health concerns. WHen I too embattled for health, we also lost my mom. My kids knew departure all too well- between divorce and death.  I hoped they got that no matter what happens in our life, we are such a small bit of life. We’d sit on the hood of our car and talk about this, how life keeps going no matter the details of our own but that our lives can affect the lives of others and that I feel we are all intwined. And in that, that this is not the first or last of wonderful people…that so many came before that looking up to that same sky…that people all over the earth were looking up at the same beautiful sky when it presents before them. Parents, children…so many not knowing eachother or understanding each other…but able to do that in that one concept…that no matter what they still loved them.

There were too many turbulent times, times of struggle my kids went through…largely because of poor choices in my life by myself and some of those i loved. AT times I am haunted by the pain it all brought….that I brought on us…. on them ,my children. I have found my children have been very forgiving. They still look through the eyes of love. That is a gift, one I am blessed with, hardly deserving. I wonder if in their nights when sleep comes hard, they sometimes remember arms around them, reading books with laughter, and a number of melodies …that I remember the smell of their hair, the feel of their little hands, and my falling asleep no doubt before them.


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